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String Instrument Set-Ups & Repair Service Available with Curbside Pick up & Drop off

Repair Service: Our amazing repair service is still rocking! Please call 612-822-3334, Monday through Saturday from 10am to 6pm and Sunday from Noon to 6pm. Let there be no doubt that we will provide *curbside service with an appropriate level of rockitude.

*Curbside Service for Repair Drop Off and Pickup or Purchase Pickup

Repair Drop Off Instructions

Please call ahead first and schedule a time for drop off. At that time, we will fill out a service ticket for you and confirm your drop off. Once you arrive at the store, please call 612-822-3334, and a staff member will come out to collect your item. You will receive a copy of your service ticket at that time. Once a repair technician looks at your item, you will receive a call with an estimate before the repair begins.

Repair Pick Up Instructions

Once you receive a call that your item is finished, please call 612-822-3334 to make an appointment for pick up. At that time you will pre-pay for the repair over the phone using a debit or credit card. Once you arrive at the store, please call 612-822-3334, and a staff member will come out to bring you your item. You will receive a copy of you r receipt at that time. If you have issues with your repair, please call us and speak directly to the service manager and schedule a drop off. Your items will be looked at as quickly as possible and returned to you ASAP, in the same day if possible.


Electric or Acoustic Guitar and Bass Set-Up $50

The following work is included in electric, acoustic and bass guitar setups: cleaning, fingerboard treatment, restringing, action adjustment, neck adjustment, intonation, and an electronic functionality check.

12-String Guitar Set-Up $60

A 12-string guitar set-up includes the following work: cleaning, fingerboard treatment, restringing, action adjustment, bridge adjustment, and neck adjustment.

Locking Tremolo Set-Up $85 

A locking tremolo set-up includes the following attention: cleaning, fingerboard treatment, restringing, action adjustment, neck adjustment, intonation, and an electronic functionality check.


A PLEK machine automatically fine-tunes the neck and frets of instruments to get the best out of an instruments playability. Using precision robotic tools, the PLEK machine cuts, shapes and dresses frets, cuts precision nuts, and planes and adjusts fingerboards to achieve the best balance of playability with minimum string height. Learn more about the PLEK service.

Electric, Acoustic or Bass Guitar PLEK $200

12-String Guitar PLEK $250

Stainless Steel Frets $250

Fretboard Planing & Re-Frets $350

Banjo, Mandolin & Ukulele Service Available Soon 


On-Site String Service

• Electric Guitar/Acoustic Guitar/Bass Guitar Repair

• Full set-up on all stringed instruments

• Mandolin/Banjo/Ukulele repairs at hourly rates

• Violin, Viola and Cello repairs at hourly rates

• Nut repair and replacement

• Saddle replacement

• New tuner installation and replacement

• Electronic work including jacks, switches, pots, and pick-up installation, and complete modifications

• Fret edge dress

• Strap button installation

Off-Site String Service

• Re-fret, nickel or stainless steel available or fret fress treatments

• Guitar neck heat press treatment

• Broken headstock

• Neck resets

• Cracked acoustics

• Bridgework including re-gluing, filling and re-slotting and full replacement

• Custom routing for electronics

• Pickup repair and rewinds


General Repair Service Turn Around Time

Repairs are addressed in the order they arrive unless we are waiting for a part or for direction from the customer. Due to these and other circumstances, we cannot 100% guarantee turn around times on string instrument service. However, we do offer a general guideline for repairs. If you are in need of faster service than our standard turn around time, rush service is available.

• On-Site Repairs - One to Two Weeks

• Custom Luthier Service - Two to Three Weeks

Rush Repair Service

If you are in need of a rush repair, bring your instrument into the store and request rush service. If the on-duty technician determines that the repair can be accomplished, they will offer the option of rush service guaranteed by 5pm the following day. 

Rush service fees include:

• Rush guitar set-up or other guitar on-site repair fees $35

No rush repair service is available for off-site repairs. 

Note that rush repair service only guarantees that your project will be looked at and every attempt will be made to complete the repair. There are some rare instances where the repair cannot be completed due to unforeseen circumstances. In these instances, the rush charge still applies.


We are authorized to offer repair for the following brands: Art & Lutherie, Ashdown, Charvel, EVH, Fender, Godin, Gretsch, Guild, Hartke, Hiwatt, Jackson, Laney, Marshall, Orange, Sampson, Simon & Patrick, Squire, SWR and Zvex Effects.