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Rebecca Hanten


I started playing drums when I was in 6th grade. When it was time to join the school band, I wanted to try the saxophone, but my best friend was convinced that she wanted to "bang the drums." We were inseparable and she was the bossy one, so I conceded and chose to play the drums too. After starting the band, I knew my friend was onto something because I LOVED playing the drums and became a fanatic at an early age. My best friend quit the school band in middle school but I always thank her for convincing me to "bang the drums" and, in turn, develop a life-long passion. Throughout high school, I played in Concert band, Marching band, Jazz band, and my own rock bands while taking private lessons throughout. The summer after high school, I joined a regional all-drum Drum Corp, called "Su Fu Du," which performed nearly every weekend that summer. Since then, I have traveled all over the country and internationally with various touring rock bands performing everywhere from small clubs to House of Blues'. I perform locally about twice a month with my current band, The Evening Rig. Teaching lessons is relatively new to me but receiving lessons is not. I know what worked well for me when I was taking lessons and want to share that experience with my own students. I strive for a unique and personal journey through the musical path that the student wants to take. From expanding knowledge received in school band, to experimenting with their own musical endeavors.