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PLEK Service

What is PLEK?

The PLEK Station is a multi-faceted device that gives techs a new way of looking at an instrument's fingerboard, nut, saddle and frets in microscopic detail - as close as 1/1000 of an inch! It also gives you virtual and real-world tools to use that information. It records everything, allowing you to choose and save your ultimate set-up. It's on-board tools cut and shape to the tightest tolerances.

Our PLEK Station is a compact machine developed around high speed, super accurate plektechnology - yet small enough to be used in repair shops. It's a tool that performs precise fret dressing, nut slotting/shaping, bridge slotting, planing and engraving. It records and archives all scans and work for future reference.

Guitars and basses are instruments PLEK is best know for, but any fretted and some non-fretted instrument can be PLEK'd.

How does a PLEK Work?

The instrument is loaded in the PLEK Station's cradle. The PLEK then scans the fingerboard, nut and frets, evaluating each string's position and height along the entire length of the neck. Once complete, this digital reading allows the tech to determine what adjustments and repairs are needed for optimal balance and playability. Using precise robotic tools, PLEK cuts, shapes and dresses the frets. This 'PLEK dress' assures the instrument is balanced up and down the neck for optimal performance. 

What does a standard PLEK Set-Up include?

The Standard PLEK Set-Up Includes:

• Scanning of the instrument's fretboard, nut and bridge under tension

• Diagnosis of reading by tech and determination of proper course of action

• Dressing and polishing of frets

• Standard set-up with new strings, nut adjustment, cleaning and functionality check

PLEK Service Pricing

Electric and Acoustic Guitar, Bass Guitar PLEK $200

Electric Guitar with Locking Tremolo $250

12-String Guitar PLEK $250

Stainless Steel Frets $250

Fretboard Planing & Re-Frets start at $350

Banjo, Mandolin & Ukulele Service Available Soon 

How Do I Get My Instrument PLEK'D?

The best thing to do is call ahead and make an appointment with our techs. When you arrive, we'll scan your guitar and present you with the best course of action. This process usually takes 15-20 minutes. Your instrument will then be PLEK'd and set up. Average turn-around time is 3-5 business days. This process cannot take place while you wait. 

You can also drop your instrument off. A tech will consult with you on the phone after it is scanned. All PLEKs need to be picked up in person by the owner.