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Electro-Harmonix Big Muff Pi V2 (Ram's Head) - Used

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All original aside from two faceplate screws; they have been replaced with Big Muff Reissue screws. This pedal is in great playing shape, and totes a fine patina, giving it the perfect relicked look! The holiest of holies! A true tone behemoth! This iconic sound could be yours...
"E-H had progressed to using larger boxes for their pedals around 1973 and the Big Muff was given an upgrade to this box for Version 2, and a new art nouveau-ish typface. It has come to be known as the "Ram's Head" version, based on the most common nickname. Early V2 Big Muffs shipped with a rubber skid pad attached to the bottom panel, similar to the Triangle Muff skid pad, but this was later changed to four rubber feet around 1974 or 1975. The list price was originally $39.95, but it could found for $32-29.95 and under according to some original owners. Around 1974 the list price went up to $49.95 but some sellers were still as low as $29.95. There were numerous versions of the V2 circuit, each with a slightly different sound. It was produced until around 1977.
David Gilmour of Pink Floyd got into using the Ram's Head Big Muff in the late 1970's and recorded some of the most famous solos in Rock and Roll with it. Ernie Isley of the Isly Brothers used a Ram's Head Big Muff throughout much of the 1970's. One can be seen in the photo below. J Mascis of Dinosaur jr is another well known user. "
"Circa 1973-1977 (Pots typically date as early as 1972 and as late as 1977).
- Model Number: EH3003 .
- Circuit Designer: Bob Myer with Mike Matthews.
- Circuit Variants: Approximately 20.
- Edition Versions: 3 - First edition manufactured circa 1973 (square face logo, no OFF graphic), second edition (round face logo, no OFF graphic) circa 1974, third circa 1975 (square face logo and both ON/OFF graphic) .
- True Bypass: No.
- Power Supply: Current draw approximately 3 mA. 9V battery only, or use a 9V battery snap adapter like the 1 Spot CBAT and connect to a standard negative center power supply like the Boss PSA120T, 120S, or 1 Spot 9V AC Adapter. Note some V2 Big Muffs are positive ground (PNP), so the power cannot be daisy chained with standard negtive tip ground pedals. See POWER section below for important adaptor and daisy chaining power requirements.
- Enclosure Size: 6 7/8 " x 5 1/2" x 2 1/4"(short end) x 2"(long end) / 174mm x 138mm x 35mm(short end) x 57mm(long end).
- Packaging: White corrugated cardboard box. Early packaging graphics were identical to the V1 Big Muff box. Later packaging copied the V2 enclosure graphics with red printing.
- Place of Manufacture: Manhattan, New York, USA. 15 West 26th Street, New York, NY, 10010. EHX moved to 27 West 23rd Street around 1974. "