The American Deluxe Dimension Bass IV melds Fender’s most modern innovations with powerfully punchy tone, sleek style, and smooth playing feel to create an unparalleled bass playing experience.


Q: What about this bass caught your eye?

A: The finish on the thing is just beautiful! I had to pick it up.

Q: What do you like about the bass?

A: I tend to prefer the sounds of humbucking pickups in both guitars and basses and I've always loved Fender. While the shape of the pickup is very unique I would never see myself wanting to change it out. 

Q: Could you see yourself playing a bass like this?

 A: Easily. I grew up playing Stingrays and moved to a P-Bass later on. This feels like a happy middle ground between the two.

The Specs: 

  • An elegantly original body style that represents the modern pinnacle of Pro-Level bass style
  • Sonic sophistication delivered by a single Dimension Bass Humbucking pickup and an 18-volt on-board preamp, 3-band EQ and master volume
  • A hand-rubbed, oil finished, asymmetrical “C”-shaped  maple neck allows for comfortability and ease of play
  • Stunning “Violin Burst” finish
  • Includes Fender Deluxe Hardshell Case


"A bold new Dimension in Fender bass excellence"