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Instrument Repair Service

On-Site Instrument Repair Service

On-site instrument repair service include the following work:

• Electric Guitar/Acoustic Guitar/Bass Guitar Repair

• Full set-up on all stringed instruments

• Mandolin/Banjo repairs at hourly rates

• Violin, Viola and Cello repairs at hourly rates

• Nut repair and replacement

• Saddle replacement

• New tuner installation and replacement

• Electronic work including jacks, switches, pots and pick-up installation, as well as complete modifications

• Fret edge dress

• Strap button installation

Off-Site Instrument Repair Service

• Re-fret, nickel or stainless steel available, or fret dress treatments

• Guitar neck heat press treatment

• Broken headstock

• Neck resets

• Cracked acoustics

• Bridgework including regluing, filling and re-slotting, and full replacement

• Custom routing for electronics

Amplifier Repair Service

On-Site Full Tube Amp Repair Service

On-site amp repair service includes the following attention:

• Repair and restoration from top to bottom

• Health check including tube testing and biasing

• Retubing and recapping

• Modifications including the Fender Blackface Mod and Marshall JTM 45 Mod

• Upgrade of components including Mercury magnetics transformers

Off-Site Solid State Electronics Repair Service

• Solid state amplifier repairs

• Effects pedal repairs

• Rackmount effects and processors

• P.A. systems and mixers, powered speakers & monitors 

• Specializing in restorations of Farfisa and vintage solid state Vox amplifiers

• Modifications for Ibanez Tubescreamer TS-9 to TS-808 conversion, and converting Crybaby and VOX V847 to true-bypass

We do not typically offer repair for keyboards or HiFi stereos. Some exceptions are possible, but please call ahead for more information. 

Drum Repair Service

On-Site Drum Repair Service

Pricing for on-site drum repair is on a case by case basis.

• Drum re-heading (resonant/batter or both)

• Kick drum re-heading (resonant/batter or both)

• Snare throw/adjustment

• Cymbal Polishing

Off-Site Drum Repair Service

Twin Cities Drum Rescue was founded in 2015, by Matthew Marshall, with a simple mission in mind: to breathe new life back into old drums. With decades of experience, he partnered his drum repair services with Twin Town Guitars to help drummers keep their instruments looking and sounding amazing.

• Recovering drums

• Hole drilling (Custom drilling for lugs, spurs or mounts)

• Bearing edge work

• Shell cutting

• Full drum tune-up

 For pricing, please refer to our Off-Site Drum Repair Price Guide.

Warranty Repair

We are authorized to offer repair for the following brands:

Fender, Squire, Gretsch, Guild, Jackson, Charvel, SWR, EVH, Godin, Art & Lutherie, Simon & Patrick, Marshall, VOX, Korg, Blackstar, Orange, Laney, Hiwatt, Ashdown, Hartke, Sampson and Zvex Effects.

Repair Service Turn Around Time

Repairs are addressed in the order they arrive unless we are waiting for a part of direction from the customer. Due to these situations, we cannot guarantee turnaround times on guitar and amplifier service. However, general guidelines for repairs at Twin Town Guitars are:

Onsite Repairs: one week or less

Tube Amplifier, Solid State Amplifier or Custom Luthier Service: two weeks or less  

If you need faster service than the normal turn around time, please consider rush service.

Rush Repair Service

If you are in need of a rush repair, please bring your instrument or amplifier into the store and request rush service. If the on-duty technician determines that the repair can be accomplished, they will offer the option of rush service by 5 pm the following day. Rush service fees include:

Rush guitar set-up or other on-site repair fees: $35

Tube amplifier or other off-site repair fees: $50

Sorry, no rush repair service is available for off-site repairs.  Please also note that rush repair service only guarantees that your particular project will be looked at and every attempt will be made to complete the repair. There are some rare instances where the repair cannot be completed due to unforeseen circumstances. In these instances, the rush charge will still apply.    

Appraisal Service

We also offer written appraisals for your instrument or amplifier. This appraisal will not only detail all facets of your instrument or amplifier, including condition and originality but also is useful for insurance purposes.