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Notorious for their attack as they are for their stunning crystalline looks, Vistalite acrylic drums make a solid sonic and visual statement in live concert performance. Manufactured under strict guidelines to retain shell integrity, today's Vistalite delivers pure, round tone through a fully-stabilized shell and dual reinforced seams; without succumbing to the cracking that plagued the kits of yesterday. Let's see what Tim has to say about it…

Q: What about this kit caught your eye? 

A: Just look at it!

Q: What do you like about the kit? 

A: Just look at it! Vintage look with a modern touch. Reinforced seams. 3-color band acrylic shells. I imagine myself sitting on the beach in my socks and sandals, drinking tequila out of the rack tom.

Q: Could you see yourself playing a kit like this?

A: Yes, I love Vistalites, and the Tequila Sunrise finish is by far my favorite.

Q: Describe your perfect donut. (Watch video to 0:34)

A: Chocolate Bismarck with jimmies

So, where do these massive sounds come from? 

  • Virgin bass drum delivers uncompromised low-end punch
  • Bass Drum 22"x14" 
  • Rack Tom 13"x9" 
  • Floor Tom 16"x16" 
  • Shell Material: Acrylic 
  • Bearing Edge: 45
  • Hoops: Triple-flange 
  • Seamless construction 
  • Blue and Olive badge gives this kit that classic 1970's look


"High volume live performance where projection over loud instruments is paramount. Hard Rock/Heavy Metal."

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How to Buy Your Child’s First Guitar

Thursday, April 13, 2017 3:01 PM

Your Child’s First Guitar…

Shopping for your child’s first guitar is an exciting and fun learning experience!  However, the wide number of brands, styles, and pricing of guitars can also seem overwhelming. There are many options for purchasing a guitar right at your fingertips, but buying a first guitar online is not the best route to take. Taking your child into a guitar shop offers many perks. You have the help of an expert, someone who was in your shoes at one time, and who has helped many beginners take that first leap into the world of guitar.  And, like shopping for a new pair of shoes, your child can actually “try on” any guitar they like, so you can find the right sound and sized guitar for your child. You also have the opportunity to compare acoustic and electric model guitars. In the end, by actually holding and playing the guitar with your child, you'll feel confident that you’ve made the right choice.

Here are five easy steps to selecting the right guitar:


1.) Make a decision between acoustic and electric.

Electric may be easier for your child to play; however, there are more accessories involved. (Amplifier, cable, Etc.)


2.) Select the proper size.

Keep in mind every child is growing. They may grow out of a smaller guitar too soon, but a guitar that is too large may be uncomfortable to play, causing them to lose interest.


3.) Choosing the right brand for your child

Selecting the right brand can be a very important decision. Certain brands offer different perks with their instruments. Brands like Fender and Taylor offer a case with many instruments, along with warranties that may come in handy down the road. It will also help you meet your budget.


4.) The right accessories to get started

Every guitar needs guitar strap, it keeps the guitar in the proper playing position while standing and prevents the child from dropping the instrument. You’ll also need a fresh set of strings. It's always good to have an extra set around, as you never know when a string will break. Many teachers start their students with guitar picks. A pick helps the child develop the right picking techniques early on. There are many to choose from, so starting with a variety of different picks may help.


5.) Go and play!

Encourage your child to start making music, and sign them up for weekly lessons. The earlier they start lessons the better!

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Staff Picks - Fender American Professional Jazz Bass





Alright folks, welcome to the new Twin Town Guitars Web series, “Staff Picks”. Kind of obvious what we’re doing here…Our first pick is brought to you by our Media Specialist Matt. Matt’s pick is the Fender American Professional Jazz Bass in a stunning Sonic Grey finish. Let's see what Matt has to say about it…

Q: What about this bass caught your eye?

A: First off the new color, sonic gray caught my attention. It can only be found on the new Fender American Professional Series and just looks great on a jazz bass

Q: What do you like about the bass?

A: Jazz Basses have a great tone and versatility. The new models have a slimmer Modern "C" shaped neck which I really like. It makes moving around the fretboard faster and gives me the ability to experiment more with chordal stuff.

Q: Could you see yourself playing a bass like this?

A: Yes, I’ve been playing both a Fender Jazz and Precision Bass for the last 12 years. They’re workhorses and the Jazz Bass fits in with any style of music much like its brother the Precision Bass. This particular bass is a great addition to its new features.

Let’s talk about these new features. The American Professional Series is the latest offering from Fender, so what makes this bass so awesome?

  •  New Sonic Gray finish, only found in the American Professional Series.
  •  Two Michael Bump-designed V-Mod single-coil Jazz Bass pickups
  •  Slim modern “C”-shaped neck profile
  •  Bone nut; 20 narrow-tall frets for familiar playing feel
  •  HiMass™ Vintage bridge for increased sustain
  •  Fluted-shaft tuning machines
  •  Posiflex graphite rods for neck reinforcement
  •  Includes Elite Molded hardshell case


"Professional is an attitude. Creativity is a way of life. These instruments are built for players who are looking to push the boundaries of creativity and personal expression forwards." - Fender

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Performing helps students gain confidence.

Friday, March 31, 2017 12:51 PM

Performing helps students gain confidence.

Performing helps students gain confidence


Are you a music student? Is performance night right around the corner? Nervous yet? I know how scary it can be, and it’s ok if you are nervous. We have all been there before. Performing live either for the first time or for the hundredth time can be one of the most fun and educational experiences ever. It continually pushes your skills to the next level and additionally, your confidence.

As an employee of a music shop and as an active performing musician for over 12 years, I have personally performed more times then I can remember. But, I do remember the first time! I must have been around 15 years-old and played guitar for about a year. The band I was in had its first gig and it was very exciting, but extremely nerve racking at the same time. I wasn't a very confident kid growing up. School came naturally, but social interactions and friends were very hard. Music was my great escape like it is for so many other kids, so getting the first gig was a great accomplishment. I think I must have tried on a dozen different cool, black, band t-shirts just out of nervous energy. As we took the stage, ready to rock, the gym was filled with family and friends. I didn’t play well at all, and don’t think I took my eyes off the floor once, but being up there with my friends, playing music, hooked me. I left that night knowing I wanted to keep on playing, and I felt a new confidence in myself that I didn't have before.

It takes courage to get up in front of people and play a song, but the confidence I gained from performing helped me improve in school, meet new friends, start a new job and overall feel more comfortable just being myself.  So, if you are feeling anxious about that upcoming performance, know that you will proudly walk off that stage with more knowledge and more confidence than you had before!

Matt O'Brien

Media Specialist 

Twin Town Guitars 

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Twin Town Guitars Gets some Great Gear from NAMM

Monday, February 13, 2017 10:06 AM

It's early Sunday morning, and we just boarded the flight to make our way back to Minneapolis after this winter’s National Association of Music Merchants (NAMM) Show.

Yes – there're new gear, seminars, rock stars and California weather. There are also dealership pals and industry representatives to catch up with. Folks that know you're looking for this gizmo or that line of instrument; and if you're not looking for it, maybe it's something you take a look at?

NAMM is our business association, and for years I'd dismissed it. No one at the shop was particularly excited about going, and I'd rather take the few grand it takes to go there and get a few cool guitars for the shop's wall, instead. How things have changed! This was our twelfth NAMM show attendance. Or was it the thirteenth?

In years past I've taken Davin, Kris, and Björn. This year Carrie and Cole came to the Show. Any bigger instrument or amp line we carry started out as a conversation at NAMM. As one rep put it, “it's the only time the manufacturer and distributor gets to show you their stuff in their surroundings - on their terms.” And, if all goes well, it's followed up by a store visit and an opening order.

True. You've just got to get your hands on the gear to really know what it is.

That's how we picked up Fender, Martin, Gibson and Taylor. It's also how we were introduced to companies like Supro. This year we found an exciting new pedal company called Beetronix. Cool sounding fuzz boxes handmade in California by a bunch of fun Brazillian folks.

Well, not only did we have a good time at NAMM, but re-upped on all our major brands from Fender, Gibson, Taylor and Martin, to DW and Ludwig. There are some surprises that'll arrive along the way, too.

After another hour we land back in the land of ice and snow. No palm trees here! It's fun to take a break and visit our friends in California, but it's also good to be back.

You can keep yourself posted at Or, if you're in the neighborhood, take ten minutes and come in to try out all the new gear. Come see for yourself! We have an awesome crew that knows lots and lots about everything we sell, and we're open everyday.

So now it's February. Our NAMM orders are hitting the floor and the web page. And already we're starting to look forward to Summer NAMM!

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